Honey Head Films is Buzzing Shattering Seed Round Goal for A Song for Imogene!

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3 min readFeb 11, 2022
$72,050 and counting, for local film production company Honey Head Films, as they take the next steps to screen A Song for Imogene, with a wildly successful fundraising campaign.

“You’d have to go to fork lifters to find a lower percentage of females — 99 percent of people on my crew have never worked with a female director. A woman who’d been working as an extra for 30 years was on my set and told me: ‘I just want to tell you, right on, sister. Do you know how nice it is just to see a woman in charge?’ I kind of got teary.” — Denise Di Novi

Honey Head Films founders, Kristi Ray and Erika Edwards, launched the film production company in 2016, inspired by a vision to empower female filmmakers and level the playing field for underrepresented stories. The dynamic duo have taken a giant leap towards bringing that vision to life with the successful seed funding of its feature film, A Song for Imogene.

Honey Head Films were the Demo Day Winners for the Team Phoenix Back on the Block Minority Accelerator graduation ceremonies in 2021.

So what are the next steps for the team at Honey Head Films after the successful seed round and groundswell of community support. We talked with the founders of Honey Head Films to hear the latest.

GB: Congratulations Honey’s!! How does the Team at Honey Head feel about this successful seed round for A Song for Imogene?

Honey’s: Thank you for this enthusiasm! We are absolutely floored by our regional community and the hundreds of supporters outside of North Carolina who have contributed to this seed financing. Through various tiers of financial contributions we’ve been able to raise over 146% of our initial goal in less than one month. This has created surefire momentum behind our prototype and helps prove the viability of quality, local cinema.

GB: What will you do with the money raised?

Honey’s: The total production budget for our feature film A Song For Imogene is between $180–200k. This seed financing has already helped us secure equity and capital from local and national private investors needed to get us to the green light. We are still vetting accredited investors to bolster the production budget and excited by the momentum this campaign has created around the project.

The funds raised through this seed financing will go directly to hiring and retaining local film professionals to shoot the movie over 20 production days in late Spring of this year. We will employ a team of 17 “below the line” crew members in various departments: sound, camera, lighting, wardrobe, production design and coordination — all the beautiful working parts of the machine that happen behind the scenes of a film set.

Honey Head has a radically inclusive company culture which has opened unconventional doors as the company continues to build the region’s first female-led independent film studio.

GB: What can we look forward to as far as film development in 2022 and when can we expect to see this film premiere?

Honey’s: Our audience can look forward to exciting casting announcements in the coming weeks and months. We have already attached notable talent to the film, like West Coast actor Haydn Winston who’s latest feature film The Wall is anticipating a premiere at Cannes Film Festival — the most exclusive international fest in the world.

After wrapping principal photography, our team will move into the lengthy post-production process which includes cutting the film, sound design and color, creating an original score for the film — one we hope to feature several notable regional musicians and finally submitting the feature to prestigious film festivals. This process can take anywhere from 7–10 months. We have an expected Spring 2023 premiere in store!

To support Honey Head Films reach out to the team at the links below.

Click here to support independent film: https://bit.ly/3HMfmBQ

Website: https://www.honeyheadfilms.com/

Email: hello@honeyheadfilms.com



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