Talented Class of Entrepreneurs in Genesis Block Wits Begin Kickoff

A talented group of founders and small business owners are ready to build sustainable business models in the Wits Begin Incubator Program.

Genesis Block has launched its first exclusive entrepreneur training product with the Wits Begin Incubator program. Wits Begin is an incubator program designed to help early stage startups and small businesses achieve business model validation and prove they have a market for their product or service.

Founders will receive educational programming, technical assistance, business model development, mentoring and networking. The program consists of 12 weeks of training and business development. Participants also receive a 12-month shared workspace membership at Genesis Block. The Wits Begin Kickoff event was held on Monday, April 4 at Genesis Block and the new cohort will now operate officially as Team Helix. Let’s meet the members of Team Helix.

Joe Conway is a regional leader in providing data driven insights that drive results in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Company: ABIDE of NC LLC

Founder: Joseph Conway

Overview: Comprehensive approach providing diversity, equity and inclusion strategies to build a truly representative organization,

Website: www.abide4us.com

Michelle Bethea is one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs in the state and was just award the 2022 Coastal Entrepreneur Award for Minority Business Enterprise.

Company: Elaborate Outings LLC

Founder: Michelle Bethea

Overview: Intimate outdoor pop up picnic company that is sophisticated and contempory and unique leaves an impression of fine dining without walls.

Website: https://servingwithagift.com/

Heavenly Treats are delightful and owner Cheriekke Raascheale had built a trusted brand in the Wilmington area.

Company: Heavenly Treats

Founder: Cheriekke Dreher

Overview: Customized desserts for events and special occasions.

Website: https://heavenly-treats87.square.site/

Jones Sunset Sauce LLC is now in 16 locations in southeastern North Carolina and is one of the fastest growing companies in the Genesis Block Business Network.

Company: Jones Sunset Sauce LLC

Founder: Tiffany Hansley-Jones

Overview: Jones Sunset Sauce LLC manufactures and distributes a versatile grilling sauce that is now carried in 16 locations in southeastern North Carolina.

Website: https://jonessunsetsauce.com/

RBELL Construction provides a variety of general contracting services and is ready to become a premier general contracting company in southeastern North Carolina.

Company: :RBELL Construction

Founder: Roderick Bell

Overview: Construction company providing a wide range of general contracting services to support southeastern North Carolina.

Website: www.rbellconstructiongroup.com

A poster child for the “Great Resignation” Rebecca Carter started her business during the Covid1 9 pandemic and decidedly to take the BIG leap into business ownership.

Company: Rebecca’s Charcuterie Board LLC

Founder: Rebecca Carter

Overview: Delicious, creative assortment of meats and cheeses for special events and occasions.

Website: https://www.rebeccascharcuterieboard.com/

Christopher Everett is a Durham, NC-based producer and director of the award-winning documentary film “Wilmington on Fire.” He is the founder and president of Speller Street Films and currently works with Full Frame Documentary Film Festival as the Communications Manager.

Company: Speller Street Films

Founder: Christopher Everett

Overview: A creative film studio specializing in cinematic content.

Website: http://spellerstreet.com/

Company: Tender Lovin Lawn LLC

Founder: Arthur Pridgen Jr.

Overview: Provider of lawn care and excavation services.

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